THE Story.

 Ok, so even though I know there are still not a lot of readers, it’s O.K. since it is mostly my fault, because the only two posts I’ve written were probably not good enough, or not eye-catching enough for people to want to become addicted to this blog of mine.

 But even though I’m not really expecting for any of you to actually reply, I really wanted to ask you guys a few things, like ‘What does the word ‘Fashion’ mean to you?’ 

 If you would have asked me this question a few years ago, I would have probably said it is something superficial, and I would have blamed it for the days when I saw people on the streets dressed alike or even wearing the same outfits. 

 Now, however, I wouldn’t probably be able to express how I feel towards this Industry even if I had 10.000 words available to fill an essay page up with; but I will try to: To me, Fashion has opened an entire new world, a world of possibilities I have never know before, a world I never thought it even existed, a world that I would perfectly fit in. Or, at least, the world that I hope to one day conquer. 

 Fashion has become such a huge part of my life now, I am part of so many activities and websites, and I am planning on so much more! I can’t even believe it! I spend 99% of the time I surf the internet searching for Fashion or Beauty-related stuff, since I personally see these two Industries as bein a hole unit

 Fashion has woke up some really bright and incandescent desires and dreams inside me that can not wait to be accomplished! Now, whenever I think of Fashion and my future plans, I feel like a Hairspray Tube sitting next to the fire.

 I get so nervous, and so emotional everytime I think of it, because these questions keep coming inside of my head : ‘Am I really fit for this?’ ‘Will I really succeed?’ 

 And what’s even more weird is that I get so passionate about it every single time, but… besides all the amazing and beautiful people here, on the internet, there’s no one to get excited over it with. That’s because I have actually never told any of my friends what my future plans are. I mean, they kinda know something, but it was only this past summer when I decided that Fashion must become a part of my life, and not only a hobby, so they don’t exactly know where I’m heading to… 

 You would probably find it kinda sad… I find it sad too, now that I think about it, but the truth is that I did have the chance to tell them about my ‘Passion for Fashion‘, but I just… I didn’t want to. I was scared, and I am still scared of the possible ‘This doesn’t suit you’ or ‘Just quit already, you weren’t made for this’ as replies from them. 

 There’s also this kind of annoying side of me that doesn’t want anyone to copy her. Like, I’ve had times when I would talk about the things that I want to do, and the people around me would start wanting the same things. It’s actually not this that really bothers me, but the fact that they might be able to get it sooner than me. Isn’t this frustrating? it is, to me… 

 But besides that, Fashion, and everything it involves, is an art to me. A beautiful, inspiring, gorgeous, creative art. It is like a new way of expressing myself/yourself. It can even be seen as something that could tie us all together, can’t it? 

 To me, the clothes I would wear when I left the house would be the ones to bring me confidence throught the day. They would be as important to me as Makeup is to some people, since I haven’t, and I still don’t wear a lot of makeup, even though I love experimenting from time to time. 

 These things, the things that seemed annoying and superficial to that kid that I used to call ‘Me’, would get to be ones of the most important things ever, ones of the things that allow me to dream and shine, ones of the things that would set me free, ones of the things that I really got to love…

 So, What does Fashion mean to you?


21 thoughts on “THE Story.

  1. ‘ I was scared, and I am still scared of the possible ‘This doesn’t suit you’ or ‘Just quit already, you weren’t made for this’ as replies from them. ‘
    Hey,listen to me : you will never hear me say something like that !

  2. For me,what’s important is that you wear something that’s comfy and that you also feel confident in. You wouldn’t want to wear something uncomfy and when people look at you, you’d be like at the back of your mind if they think you’re a freak or something. Every individual is unique. We express ourselves in different ways to look fashionable. I don’t think you don’t need to wear make up considering your picture is already nice. I wear make up to a minimal. Don’t want to look like a clown! hehe

    • Being comfy is obviously a must these days, when most of us have to move around a lot, either if we’re at work or at school. Because it really has happend to me before not to feel comfy in an outfit, but, as you said, I always had that feeling that people were talking bad about me, so I totally agree with you.
      About the makeup thing, I don’t use much of it either. Thanks God, I do not have any facial problems such as acnee that need to be covered, so I don’t use foundation, but growing up I always had the idea that foundation is something every woman should wear, despite the fact that they need it or not, haha! I was a silly kid…

  3. Yes,true! You have to be comfy and most of all confident too! Simplicity is the best! But if you’re going to dress in the most alluring way, make sure it’s not over the top! Of course as a girl, I also like to explore different taste of fashion and make up. I’m more in to the Korean and Japanese clothing style. It’s soooooo cute! Makes you feel like you’re still in college! ehehehe The thing when people stare at you —- well, maybe they admire how you look, wants to eventually buy the same fashion outline like you, or just thinks “she’s pretty little miss-all-that!” You can’t please everyone anyway, so be comfy with what you’re wearing and express it!

    • I tootally agree!
      I love Korean and Japanese clothing style too! Kawaii!
      Anyways, at the end of the day, I think that Fashion is a true art, a true form of expressing yourself, and if anyone ever wants to try something different, they should just simply go for it. In the end, they might have liked it, they might have not, but anything is tons better than having to ask yourself the same question every single day: ‘What if I would have…?’

  4. What if I would have……. great question! Try everything! That’s what I’m doing! Don’t think it’s silly. You may just inspire someone out there! Yes, Korean and Japanese fashion are way too cool. It’s like they know how to style themselves everyday! You love fashion right? Try everything! There’s no harm in it. 🙂

    • Yess! Well, still, we must admit that there is a limit. It is only a small step between dressing fashionable and overdressing, making yourself look a bit stupid. So we must be aware of that.

      • That is sooooooo true! But you know some may think… If you look too simple they might think if you even know how to wear makeup. If you overdress they may think you need to go to a fashion consultant. If you wear weird looking clothes, people might think what kind of clothes does that person have in her wardrobe! hehehe Not only that, observe that they too check the hairstyle, make up that your wearing, weight, shoes, and what accessories you are wearing! I bet being a fashion designer is pretty hard! By the way, I added you up in my twitter.

      • I agree! Neither way is good enough for them. But you know what? If it is good enough for you, then anything else doesn’t matter anymore.
        Oh, and thank you, but it didn’t notice me about anything. I wish I could follow you back, but I guess twitter is being lazy again.

  5. Well, like I would say, if it looks good on you, nothing else matters! Because you know you’re confident about it…Why care what other people would say? It’s take hard work on these social networking sites,huh? lol

  6. “It’s actually not this that really bothers me, but the fact that they might be able to get it sooner than me”
    Yeah…I have the same problem and i know how annoying it is. I am make-up obsessed and a little bit of fashion obsessed.
    In my case,what i’m wearing depends A LOOT of my mood.
    Take a look on my blog if you want:

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